Brendan Dwyer

MLOps Engineer


About Me

MLOps Engineer at VivSoft. I help the Department of Defence incorporate emerging technologies into their operation.



Data / MLOps Engineer

I help the Department of Defense build machine learning pipelines and deploy models in production on Kubernetes.


Python Developer & DevOps

Open source developer at the Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT).

We assemble, train, and provide open-source APIs for a variety of popular machine learning models. These models are state-of-the-art, containerized and ready for production!

  • Worked on projects to expand enterprise consumption of deep learning technologies. Worked to convert bleeding edge AI research into usable code that could be consumed by enterprise customers
  • Helped to create the Model Asset eXchange (MAX) and Data Asset eXchange (DAX). Contributed models to MAX and datasets to DAX. Maintained development and production infrastructure (Jenkins, Travis, Kubernetes, object storage, content distribution, etc) for the team
  • Advocated for IBM Cloud by traveling to conferences and talking to developers about the services we offer


ML Developer

IBM Spark Technology Center

  • Worked to expand enterprise adoption of Apache Spark and helped to create an R interface to System ML


Syracuse University

2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Science

Bachelors degree in Information Management & Technology
Minor in Enterprise Technology


Commercial Drone Pilot

FAA Part 107 UAS (drone) Pilot. Experienced flying aerial search and rescue missions.

New York State EMT

New York State Emergency Medical Technician (expired January 2019)

General Class Amateur Radio

General Class Amateur ("Ham") Radio operator


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